Support for Business Expansion into Japan Mannet supports foreign companies in their business operations in Japan.Established in 1986 as a human resource service company with a nationwide network.
  • Technical operations
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Exhibition operation
  • Sales and service
  • Office operations
  • Catering and
    Restaurant business
  • Research
  • Educational guidance
  • Market development

Companies seeking to expand businesses in Japan.
Companies researching the possibility of business in Japan.
Business at any scale is accepted.
Please explain to us in detail the business you would like to carry out in Japan.

Mannet will provide the best proposal.

Advantages of Using Mannet's Service

  • Abundant human resources
  • The most appropriate proposals at a reasonable price.
  • A nationwide network
  • Support for business development at all stages, from planning to full operation
  • Handling a wide range of business fields.
  • Support for large and small businesses.
  • Even difficult projects are actively pursued
  • Support with an emphasis on speed

[Examples of Business Fields] Operations, Test sales, Marketing, Advertising

Market development Sampling, Marketing research, Opinion survey, Trend survey, Questionnaire Survey
Market development research Facility maintenance, Equipment repair, Guidance in operations and handling, Equipment and facility inspection
Product maintenance Product sales, Service provision, Agency business
Product and service sales Delivery and installation of equipment, materials and facilities
Delivery and installation Processing facilities and equipment, Assembly and installation
Installation work /
Assembly and installation
Display at exhibitions, Advertising, Set up, Customer service, Product Explanation, Sales
Exhibition operations Manufacturing and assembling products, Storing, Packing, Delivery
Manufacturing and assembling agency Storing, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance
Storing and Shipment Real estate selection, Obtaining of permits, Incorporation registration, Equipment procurement, Hiring of human resources, Business operation
Support in company and office establishment Operating of merchandise outlets and restaurants as an agent
Opening and operating stores Sales, Marketing, General affairs and accounting, Advertising, Collection, Personnel management
Company management agency Your company can hire employees to engage in corporate activities in Japan.
Employment agency Human resources from Japan can be employed in Japan or overseas.
Introduction of human resources Human resources from overseas can be employed in Japan.
Dispatch of human resources Human resources and be dispatched to Japan or overseas.

Case Studies

See How Mannet Helped Foreign Companies Succeed in Japan

Waste Recycling, USA

An American waste recycling company wanted to set up a factory for silicone recycling in Japan. Originally, the company planned to bring over existing US employees to live and work in Japan.

After consulting with Mannet, the company found that doing so would be cost-prohibitive, and, with Mannet's help, were able to employ competent Japanese workers to staff the plant. Additionally, the company was also able to source parts from within Japan, increasing efficiency and cutting down on costs. The company's Japan expansion was a success, and now the entity is looking to expand into other regions.

Engineering Service, UK

A UK-based aeronautical engineering service wished to perform a service quality check on their parts being used in Japan. This meant hiring staff to perform the checks, so the company considered incorporating.

After consulting with Mannet, the company concluded this would be extremely cost-ineffective, opting for Mannet's Staffing service, which allowed them to avoid the astronomical costs of incorporating and also allowed them to avoid paying consumption taxes, since the company did not need to maintain a Japan office.

Whole saler, South Korea

A South Korean trading company specializing in wholesale wanted to target the Japanese market but could not figure out how best to expand into the region, even after conducting extensive research.

Mannet recommended its Business Expansion Support Program, which allowed for minimal initial investment by holding off on incorporation. After generating healthy profits in the Japanese market, the company incorporated its own entity. Currently, the company has grown to 15 Japanese employees and generates about 1 billion yen in sales.

Machinery Manufacturer, Germany

A German machinery manufacturer wanted to sell its products on the Japanese market while suppressing initial costs.

Mannet's Business Expansion Support Program allowed them to begin with just one general salesperson employed through Mannet on the company's behalf. This way, the company was able to keep total costs for the year (including expenses for the employee) to just 60,000 Euros. Their first year of operations in Japan exceeded expectations, leading them to step up operations the following year.

Medical Device Parts Manufacturer, Taiwan

This Taiwanese company sought to incorporate in Japan in order to do business in the region. The company understood the necessary procedures but was unsure of some paperwork details, such as getting a visa for a company manager.

Mannet offered support, helping to file for the manager's visa, as well as securing a living space for the manager and a warehouse, in addition to providing transportation and logistics support. Mannet also aided the company with market research that the company could not conduct itself due to the language barrier.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Dispatch of human resources: General Worker Dispatch Ha-13-070269
  • Placement agency: Employment Placement Business License Number: 13-07-YU-0300
  • Construction and interior finishing: Standard Construction Business License,
    Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism License (Gen.-28) No.24385

Affiliated organizations

  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Japan Immigration Association